COVID-19 Safety Concept

Based on the evolving COVID-19 situation, the following precautions apply:

  • Hybrid Kick-off: participants will receive the link to join an online session shortly before the start.
  • Teams: We will create breakout rooms at kick-off for participants to start teaming up.
  • Hardware: right after kick-off and during the open lab week participants will be able to pickup hardware. More details at kick-off.
  • Open lab week: the lab at Bitwäscherei will be open the whole week (16:00-22:00) as planned, while keeping safe distance. If it gets too crowded, we will assign participants to other locations.
  • Workshops: some will be switched to virtual mode. More details will follow.
  • Hackdays: in-person but with remote work facilitated. Teams will work as isolated as possible. If space is not enough, we will assign participants to other locations. Final presentations only by 1 or 2 representatives of the team.
  • Food: unfortunately, neither the kick-off nor the final apéro can take place. All food will be packaged and to eat at the table. we will have to limit social interaction a lot.
  • Child care: the caregiver will be on site.

The Make Zurich hackathon team is very concerned about safety of the hacker/maker community and the different stakeholders like sponsors, challenge providers and visitors.

In alignment with the policies given by the Federal Office of Public Health, the Department of Health of the Kanton Zurich and the Department of Health and Environment of the City of Zurich the following safety concept has been defined in order to assure a safe Make Zurich hackathon for all participants.

Event location


Make Zurich is located at (TBD) 8005 Zürich.

Under normal conditions, the location has following capacity:

  • Eventspace - up to 150 people
  • Workshop A Room - up to 30 people
  • Workshop B Room – approx.. 25 people
  • Sprint-Room (Children) – max. 14 people


During the week, the MechArtLab located at Bitwäscherei, Neue Hard 12, 8005 Zürich can be used by hackers to meet and work on their challenges.

In order to provide you a safe environment during the open lab week, please follow the safety concept of Bitwäscherei.

Precautionary measures

Registration and counting participants and visitors

We keep track of all people taking part or being present at Make Zurich:

  • Hackers/makers have to sign up prior to the kickoff date and check-in physically at the check-in desk in order to get a Make Zurich Hardware kit and participant’s badge.
  • All other people (challenge providers, sponsors, visitors) have to register at the check-in desk.
  • Not more than 100 people shall be allowed to be present at the same time in the location in order to keep the social-distancing at an acceptable level.

Safety information for participants and visitors

We inform all participants and visitors about safety rules and measures:

  • In advance at Make Zurich Website
  • At the hackathon location (posters)
  • At the MechArtLab (posters)

Recommend SwissCovid-App

We strongly recommend to all participants and visitors to download and activate the SwissCovid-App.

Provide masks and disinfectant dispenser

We provide the required safety and hygiene equipment:

  • KN95 Masks for all participants and visitors will be provided
  • Disinfectant dispensers will be available at the hackathon location and the MechArtLab

Hygiene measures

We expect that all participants and visitors are following the hygiene measures:

  • Wash/disinfect their hands prior to enter the Make Zurich location
  • Wear mask at all times when present at the Make Zurich location (applies as well for kids with age of 12 years or more)

Monitor indoor air quality

We monitor indoor air quality:

  • With air quality sensors, we measure Co2, temperature and humidity and alert if Co2 raises above a specific level (800 ppm).
  • Windows will be open regularly in order to have enough fresh air inside and keep the Co2 and potential virus level as low as possible.

Disinfect often commonly used objects

We disinfect specific objects like door handles, tables, coffee machine, toilet flushing handle, faucet, tools, etc. on a regular basis.

Social distance between teams and team-members

We support social distance with following measures and recommendations:

  • We recommend that the teams stay together to work at their challenge
  • We provide food and beverage at different areas in the room
  • We recommend that people talking to each other try to keep a minimal distance of 1.5m to one another (even though wearing a mask is mandatory) and keep a higher distance to other people that are not involved in the discussion.

Meetings of team-members during the open lab week

We support the idea that team-members work as well during the week on their challenges. However, this might require that teams meet outside the Make Zurich location or Bitwäscherei. In this case, we recommend:

  • That meetings are organized online or at places where social distancing can be applied and hygiene rules can be followed (e.g. room with enough space and fresh air)
  • Contact the Make Zurich team via [email protected] to get support to find an appropriate location.

Appeal to personal responsibility

We count that all participants and visitors are aware about their responsibility towards themselves, other participants and their social contacts like families, friends and coworkers.

  • All participants and visitors follow the safety rules and support each other to do so.
  • All participants and visitors are kindly requested to check their state of health before entering the Make Zurich locations and stay at home if they have Covid-19 symptoms or were recently disposed to a higher risk to be infected by Covid-19. People who belong to the risk group or live together with people of this group are recommended to forego a Make Zurich participation this year.
  • In case of suspicion or infection during or after the hackathon we ask the affected participant or visitor to inform the Make Zurich team immediately via [email protected] so that contact tracing could start with no delay.

Case of an infection – safety first rule!

We follow the “safety first” rule. That means, if we have evidence that Covid-19 virus is carried by participants, visitors or staff members, or that they were in contact with an infected person or at a location where Covid-19 virus was spread, we reserve the right to dispense specific persons or teams or stop the Make Zurich hackathon anytime before the final presentation.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to add additional precaution and safety measures.

In such cases, we will keep you informed on the channel you provided (e-mail or/and mobile).

Be excellent to each other

We are looking forward to working and having fun with you. So please take care of yourself and each other.