Code of Conduct

Short and simple: Be excellent to each other!



The following licensing conditions apply to works created at Make Zurich:

  • No transfer of rights: everyone retains the rights to anything they have created.
  • Waiver: No one will exercise any rights of exclusivity with respect to information they bring in, even if otherwise could exercise such right of exclusivity under the law.
  • Openness: all participants are required to submit code under a recognised open source license (we suggest MIT License) and creative works like text, pictures, music or designs under a creative commons license (we suggest CC-BY-SA 4.0).
  • Courtesy: Give credit. Ask if you can, but by default assume to include all those who have somehow contributed to the project.

Whenever possible, the teams will work with open data as defined in The Open Definition, or with data that will attain this status shortly.

We encourage you to publish any data sources created at Make Zurich under an open data license (we suggest ODbL).


A team should consist of at least two and a maximum of eight people.


Each team presents their work to the others at the end of the event or, if unable to present, the documentation you provide will be summarised. Infrastructure for presentations will be made available.

The presentation may take up to 10 minutes.