Getting started

Make Zurich is an event around civic tech and LoRaWAN, and in particular, The Things Network community. On June 22nd we kicked-off Make Zurich Vol. II at Kraftwerk.

Here’s a brief guide on how to get started!


During the kick-off, the stakeholders of all challenges presented their ideas, and the general outline of the event was introduced to participants. Check the slides here

Find out more about each challenge and the content of the hardware kit here:

Real Time Occupancy Rate City Forest Visitors No Bike Left Behind Conquering The Last Mile Teacher’s Calling Distribution Grid Power Failure Open Challenge

Then, decide if want to:

or join an existing project

And also…

provided by Hivemind.

And start making awesome stuff!

Additional basic info

LoRaWAN & The Things Network

Are you new to LoRaWAN? The best way to get started with it and The Things Network is the LEARN section of the website: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/

Additional resources:

Data sets and Open Data

Mixing existing open data sets with near-real time sensor data of your project can be a very powerful combination.

Check out the following resources: